Lunch menu

Constant daily menu consists of your choice of soup_ main course and dessert. Menu price is 119 CZK. Valid from Monday to Friday.

  •    Chicken broth with rice and peas
  •    Vegetable cream
  •    Cream of broccoli
  •    Garlic soup


  •     Grilled or fried catfish, mashed potatoes
  •     Wide noodles with vegetables and cream sauce
  •     Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce, steamed rice
  •     Baked chicken breast with peach and cheese, French fries
  •     Chicken breast with carrots, potatoes
  •     Pork steak with spicy sauce, roasted potatoes
  •     Fried pork chop, mashed potatoes
  •    Fried cheese with tartar sauce, boiled potatoes


  •     Pancakes with jam
  •     Cinnamon waffle with whipped cream
  •    Ice Cream, Apple Strudel
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